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A brief intro to Hurst Morris People

Hurst Morris People, affectionately known as HuMP, are a friendly group of dancers and musicians based in the village of Hurst near Reading in Berkshire.

We're men and women who perform Cotswold morris. That's the one with sticks and hankies.

We practise hard to put on great performances - and make sure we have lots of fun doing both.

In 2019 we celebrated 30 years since we were founded, amid some controversy, in 1989.

Read our story here.

We'd love to meet you!

  • Lots of people come to our free taster sessions at Hurst Village Hall. The next taster sessions are two Thursdays at 8pm in early autumn 2022 at Hurst Village Hall, School Road, Hurst RG10 0DR.

    Have a chat with us before then. Just email us at and we'll come back to you.

  • Join us at a pub, village fete, folk festival and many other places to see us dance out during the summer.

  • Book us for your event: but try to give us plenty of notice.

  • We perform at old folks' homes, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, schools and youth groups.

Please contact us via email for further information.

See us in action! Go to News & pictures


See us on Facebook for regular picture and news updates.

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Six new members presented

with their sticks and hankies

Six new members have each been given the tools of their hobby - a pair of hankies, two long sticks and one short stick.

Five are pictured in the front row with the rest of the side around them. The sixth is above with Squire (Leader) Karen.

Karen said: "I made the presentations to officially mark them joining the side. They've been dancing with us since our 'have a go' sessions in September.

"It's great to have so many enthusiastic new members. Recently they practised Jenny Lind from the Lichfield dance tradition and then performed it to the rest of the side.

"It was an excellent first performance.

"HuMP are really looking forward to dancing out in public again next year for the first time in two years."

New recruit Rich said: "They're a friendly bunch of people who have made me feel very welcome. It's fun and a good workout."

Jules said: "We always like to try something different. It just appealed to us because it's something very different." Anthony said: "We're enjoying learning how to morris dance with such a friendly group of people."

At long last, we were dancing

for real and together!


What a joy it was to be practising for real with our fellow dancers and musicians.

After more than a year of lockdowns and other Covid rules we were delighted to be allowed to stop remote practices.

Zoom did a good job keeping us in touch.

And our teaching team and musicians did marvels keeping dances fresh in our minds, as we tried to avoid furniture in our homes.

But when the rules allowed, and thanks to St Nicholas Primary School, we revelled in practising on the huge area of the pupils' playground. See us in action above.

Forget the dragon in 2021 -

Poor St George has Covid!

Crowds used to cheering on traditional mummers' plays with St George, a Turkish Knight and a dragon in combat outside a pub still enjoyed the fun despite Covid rules.

Squire (leader) of Hurst Morris People, Karen Ricketts, wrote her own, really funny, one character version of the play.

Click on St George above to view video on Hurst Morris Facebook.

"Normally we have a cast of five or six for our St George's Day mummers' play, but Covid put paid to that. So, on behalf of Hurst Morris, I wrote and acted an online version, featuring just me as St George, to cheer people up," said Karen.

"I adapted our usual script. St George, instead of being stabbed to death, died of Covid but, as usual, he miraculously recovered with a wonder drug. And I had a six foot sword to keep social distance, all the while keen to carry on slaying."

Karen added: "I thoroughly enjoyed writing and performing the play."

Her daughter Helen 12, did the filming and her son Daniel, 11, made props including the giant syringe.

One viewer said said: "This was a brilliant treat. The play had all the traditional elements but with very funny and sharp twists to reflect our Covid times. It's such clever writing."

Click the YouTube icon to see a clip of us in action!
Hurst Morris People:
Entrance Exam

Do you enjoy socialising with friends?

Do you like going to pubs or areas you haven't been to before?

Do you think England's old customs are worth keeping alive?

Do you like listening to music? Or watching traditional dancing?

CONGRATS!! If you've answered
YES to two or more of the questions above, then you're potentially a born HuMP morris dancer or musician!

Come to our free and friendly taster sessions. HuMP members are men and women just like you, from all backgrounds and age groups. Few of us had danced before.

Discover if HuMP is for you. Warm welcome, tea, cake and pub visit guaranteed!

Hopefully not too long until we see you!

Hurst Morris People are practising hard for when they will be out and about performing to the public.

Watch this website for details of where and when that will be!